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Hivelocity hosting to the rescue

So, after many discussions and issues with HostDime we finally were able to cancel all three accounts that we had there (my personal colocated machine (which they are charging me $75 just to remove it from their rack), the VDS for GSN Gaming and a couple of other personal sites, and the first server we purchased for out testing of WarZoneSecure). For the startup, we need a company that is willing to be supporting, and assist us in the support area with professionalism, efficiency, and knowledge. We hope that this project grows to become a huge place for gaming and we look forward to working with whatever host we have to ensure we can support the load that will be generated. Hostdime definitely didn’t fit that bill.

After a lot of research and browsing, we decided to give Hivelocity a whirl. So far (it has only been a week), they have been great. Their control panel is superior and much cleaner/responsive than previous panels we had used. They are much more full featured and are easy to navigate.

Their setup was quick and painless, and we have not run into any mistakes as of yet. We had to contact support a couple of times for trivial questions and upgrades and their response was within a couple minutes every time. They are very quick and straight to the point. They have a lot of guidance built around their support areas and look like it’s going to be great to work with them as we push forward.

We got everything switched over and moved DNS to the new server and everything is running perfectly. Ironically, after we moved everything from the old server, it still kept going down even though we were sending absolutely NO traffic to it. Can we say oversold servers?

Here’s to hoping they stay as good as they seem.

Update: They are clever as well. They sent this e-mail:

EMail from Hivelocity

which had this image on it:

Server says hai!

I lawl’ed