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Why you shouldn’t use Hypernia gameservers

One month before the release of Battlefield 3 & Modern Warfare 3, we at GSN Gaming realized that because of our recent growth it was time to get away from pay per slot servers and rent a dedicated gaming machine. We only had one requirement: It had to be able to handle multiple Battlefield 3 64-slot servers. After shopping around for different server providers we ended up having to decide between Nuclear Fallout & Hypernia.

After many clan meetings to go over details and pricing, we finally decided that a 2x Intel Xeon Westmere E5620 2.4GHZ server from Hyperniawould support the growth of our community. We were assured over phone calls and emails with Hypernia that this server would be handle many 64-slot Battlefield 3 servers, as well as any other games we wanted to run. (This is after they had done testing of their own during the open beta). We were excited to finally have our own box. Little did I know how big of a mistake this move would be.

One Month Later
Battlefield 3 launched and many servers from many providers were not able to run 64-slot servers without lagging, rubber banding and crashing. We contacted Hypernia and they told us it was not the performance of the server, but rather the actual BF3 game files. DICE did the best they could to quickly release patches to fix these issues. In the meantime to decrease the lag, rubber banding and crashes, we reduced our slot count to 48 on each battlefield 3 server. Anymore then 48 players would cause issues. Patch after patch came, but none that fixed our problem. We continued to submit support ticket after support ticket to Hypernia about these issues. They assured us again it wasn’t their server and instead was DICE & Punkbuster and it would probably be fixed in the next patch. So we waited.

Three Months Later
Around the R12 patch we were still having these issues. I quickly started reaching out to other server companies to see if their servers were still seeing these issues with 64 players. Many server providers responded with “We haven’t seen these issues since the R8 patch.” My jaw dropped. This whole time Hypernia was saying that it was DICE, when it clearly was our 2x Intel Xeon Westmere E5620 2.4ghz server. I quickly brought this to the attention of the support staff at Hypernia. Over and over I asked them straight and to the point questions on whether our server could handle Battlefield 3. Every reply I received ignored my direct question and blamed the lag on everything but them. I knew Hyperniahad lied to us and they just gobbled up $1,200 (3 months) of our community donations. I was furious.

Around this time I found a forum thread from another gaming community called Geezer Gaming that was having the same exact issues as us. Guess who was their host? Hypernia. Guess which server they had? The same server as us. I quickly got ahold of the clan leader, and after 20+ emails, we realized we had both been ripped off. Geezer Gaming then told us after 7+ years of hosting with Hypernia they could not believe they did this to them, and that they planned on moving to NFO servers as soon as possible.

Time To Take Action
The next day I started talking with Nuclear Fallout support about switching over. Both the support team and the NFO president John were EXTREMELY helpful with my questions and always replied within minutes of my email. Even though it was clear at that point that we needed to move server providers, I felt bad because the community here at GSN had worked so hard everyday to keep our servers running and full to raise the rank of the server. Moving meant we were going to disappear from players favorite list and have to start all over. After talking with the members at GSN, everyone quickly agreed we needed to move. That day we put in a cancellation for our server with Hypernia, and put in a new order for a E3-1270 dedicated server from Nuclear Fallout. This was the best decision we could have ever made for GSN Gaming.

Within 1 day, our server was installed and ready to be used. (We waited 9 days for our server to be setup with Hypernia). We quickly installed (4) Battlefield 3 64-slot servers on our new machine from NFO and played for hours without any type of lag or rubber banding. Within 2 weeks we have been able to get our server ranks back to where they were with absolutely no lag, rubber banding or frequent crashing.

I took the initiative to write a lengthy e-mail to Hypernia in hopes to explain why we were frustrated and felt that it was largely their responsibility. Their response to this e-mail was simply: “no”. They claim they couldn’t do anything we had asked for and refused to be of any assistance at all.

The Moral of the Story
If your thinking of going with Hypernia, don’t do it. Save yourself the hassle, stress and disappointment and just sign up with Nuclear Fallout. They are more expensive then the competition, but their service, servers and support is worth every single penny.