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Left, Right, or Straight?

Holy crap. It has been a long couple of months and everything has been going haywire in every faucet of my life that it could. Not that it has been bad, most of it is exciting and am looking forward to seeing where it goes, it has just taken a lot of time and I look forward to being able to breathe again soon. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going and which way I am heading.

Let’s get started in the world of gaming. Last I wrote, I was talking about the new game that I had backed called Frontiers and I am still looking forward to that, but there hasn’t been a lot of movement on getting my hands on that one. In the process, I have been buying and backing a few other games that I found quite interesting.

1.) Godus: This game is attempting to set itself up as the new and improved god game that will redefine the genre. While they have announced that they are going to be doing HUGE things to make this the case, right now it’s just not quite there. I have spent a good bit of time in the game sculpting land to perfection and making it look the way I want, but other than that, there is very little game play actually available. The game tends to be on auto-pilot for most of it and it is guiding you down a very narrow path of how to play the game and how to achieve it’s goals. While 22cans says that what they have is a mere 41% completion, some of the things that are “completed” right now are not quite what you would expect. I have good hopes for it, but right now it’s kinda bleak and I have concerns whether they will be able to deliver what they set out to.

2.) Castle Story: This game is a defense game in whichN your goal is to simply protect a cluster of crystals in the middle of the land. I enjoyed what little there is to this game immensely though. You have a set of people (Bricktons) to send to do your chores. You have them collect stone, wood, and even in rare cases, some crystals for your stack. Once you have the materials you can start building your castle. At this point it is completely up to you how creative and imaginative you become. The game is still in early alpha and thus there are issues with AI misbehaving, saves being corrupted, impossible barriers to over come (a brickton may get stuck on a task that has already been completed), and more. Despite the early access and the bug, I have still had a ton of fun playing the game, and expect that the finished product will be well worth the investment made at this point.

Next up is WarZone Secure. This is the project that I have been working on for several months that will allow gamers to compete for real cash prizes without all the overhead that most competition sites require you to have in order to compete. We build the system out to be as user friendly as possible and prevent the need to jump through a ton of hurdles to get in and start playing. We officially started opening sections of the site and forums to start getting some traction to get people signed up and start spreading the word. There are several pieces that are still being worked on and full BETA testing should start very soon. We expect to have people playing through matches in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, my gaming community over at GSN Gaming has been making the move towards trying to get known in the streaming world on It has been a lot of fun and we have had a blast doing it. We look forward to doing it continually in the future as well. I have been assigned to streaming on Saturday nights. Be sure to check out our stream schedule and of course, watch us when we stream.