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More ARMA, Work, and even Paronicon

Whoa! Has it really been months again? I keep forgetting this blog is even here. Ha! I have been maintaining my busy-ness as always and am still working on a ton of things that I hope to be pushing through soon. Many of these are the same that I have posted about before, so they will just be updates from the last time. 

So, first off Christmas approaches. This is always a crazy time of year with the four kids. They create both amazing and stressful moments that take a lot of effort and work to get right. We have been going everywhere and buying entire department stores worth of stuff (or so it feels like at times). 🙂 We are looking forward to it and we are starting to wind down and come to an end. Most of the craziness is past and now we can start to get ready to enjoy it.

Altis Life is still staying a strong server in the GSNGaming listing of servers. Its population has died down a bit since launch, but we still hold a decent amount of users that keep coming back due to the open administration and maturity that GSN has come to expect on its servers. We have a lot of great people playing on it now and providing some great role-play. We have several members of the community also providing some great feature requests as well as helping to squash out all the bugs that get so easily created when working with the ARMA engine. The scripting and designing of ARMA is some of the “strangest” that I have had to work with in my personal and professional career. It’s starting to sink in and I can definitely do it much quicker now than I could before, but it still has some nuances that are hard to overcome. 

GSN has been running a KOTH server that is also quite popular among our community members. This one is hosted by Vilayer, and I can easily tell you that this will be the last server we get from them. Their services are flakey at best, and their support is second to everyone. It takes 24+ hours, pokes, and tweets, to get them to even reply to the ticket… Never again. 

ARMACon is making ever so slow progress. It is happening, just not nearly at the rate that I had hoped it would, but a part of this blame lies on my work at IBM taking up a ton of my time. It is slowly coming along and I have a couple people that I have pushed a version to and they reported some bugs, which I have not gone back to fix yet. Hopefully the New Year will bring some new development on it. Heres hoping!

I have been putting a ton of time into my IBM work as of late. More so than I ever have before. What has it gotten me? Nothing. In fact, they seem to think I’ve been doing less which was a real blow to the stomach. I mean, I have put the cases and their customers ahead of my own health and appointments at times, and the thanks is to blindly think I do nothing. I mean, come on. We will see how the next month goes, but I have never been more dissatisfied in a position before.  It’s a real shame honestly, I actually really like what I do. Well, I did….

Lastly, Paronicon seems to have gotten a bump in usage and interest based on posts to our forums and the traffic to the site. Not sure where it came from or why, but it has poked me to maybe push one more release of it out before I give it up for good. Dedicated and managed servers are a thing of the past now, and no new game is ever going to give them to us, so it’s of no use to anyone any more. ARMACon will be the new focus of that time. 

Until next time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!