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This year hates me! #2015Sucks

So, as you might remember from my last post, I started this year off to a bang. I mean, technically, December 25th isn’t this year, but close enough to couple it in with it so I’m going to go ahead and do that. Losing my Aunt on Christmas morning has taken a HUGE toll on that side of my family. She was truly the glue that held that side of the family together. That includes my own father and my brother. I don’t hardly ever talk to them any more because they just doesn’t do much of anything or with anyone. We all just kinda co-exist without really being a family all because we are short one person. We could always count on her to come up with something to do to make sure we got together as a family several times per year, including birthdays, anniversaries, and more. We haven’t had a single one this year. It’s been a rough ride so far, but life goes on and she is where she has longed to be, so it is bitter sweet. Still missed, and never forgotten.

As I touched on in my last post as well, I was let go/walked away from IBM at the very beginning of January and things have been a roller coaster since, although not entirely job related. I am still currently unemployed (officially), but I am making money doing free-lance work, so it’s good for now but it’s a little more stressful on that front since it doesn’t include insurance and all that stuff that comes with salaried employment. I still feel like that was the correct decision and if I could go back, I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did. Man was that place draining the life out of me. My kids and wife both notice a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my moral and typical day to day attitude so that one was also bitter sweet, because I’m doing better personally, but funds are tight and things are crumbling down around me.

Fast forward to February 5th. MY 2012 Chevy Cruze was hit while parked next to my house by a pizza delivery driver that didn’t have insurance, couldn’t prove she owned the car, did know what a registration was, and the tags one it were for a different car. She somehow managed to do just over 7,000 (yes, that’s seven THOUSAND) dollars in damage to my car and I don’t have full uninsured motorist on my coverage so for me to get it fixed through them, it’s going to cost me my deductible which is like 1k, not to mention it will make my insurance premium go up. My theory here was to go after the pizza shop (it’s a mom and pop shop), since they should have checked that their driver had insurance before they were allowed to drive for them. They hit me on the clock, while making a delivery, so I think that holds them responsible. I can get lawyers to agree with me, but none that will actually take the case (probably because it’s not worth enough money). Needless to say, it’s been rough having a family of 6 with a single vehicle. We are struggling to make it work, but it’s difficult.

To add to that, I’m having some stomach issues that won’t allow me to leave the house for too much in a single sitting. As soon as I get too far away from home, I get extremely nauseated and have sorts of panic about it. I am seeking assistance in trying to get it under control, but it’s difficult to be so helpless sometimes. How can I be a father and a husband if I can barely get out of my house? I have faith that I will make it out of this, it’s just hard to bear with right now.

Let’s put some more on top, and say that the kids therapist (which has been helping them for over 5 years) finally decided that she wants to blame all of my adopted kids behavior issues on me and my wife….. She literally told us that she was going to call CPS because they are not fit to be in our household. My wife (being an ex-caseworker), went ahead and called CPS before she did and they laughed. This was a relief to know that we were right, but we still have to deal with it and make sure our house is in tip top shape. They tend to target foster parents and adopted parents so we don’t want to give them any ammo. We are currently looking for new help for them to get them the help they need.

Next, let’s skip to last week where I was in a fender bender that was completely my fault. It wasn’t a huge deal as no one was hurt and I actually knew the people I hit, but it’s just another straw of hay on the back…..

To top it all off, everything around me has it out for me. Just in the last month I have had to replace/repair the stove, dryer, garbage disposal, computer mouse and keyboard, as well as a tire on my actively working vehicle.

On a positive note, I have a couple of job opportunities that are in the same area that I Was in before that are paying SIGNIFICANTLY more than I was before. To top that off they are understanding that I will be a remote employee for the first couple months while I try to figure out this whole traveling thing and even after that, they only want me to travel about 4 hours away (by train) ones every 3 months. They are going to give me insurance, 3 weeks paid vacation and a huge raise over what I was doing before. I have been hoping and praying non-stop for this job to come through, because this could be the thing we need to start getting our lives on track and to stop feeling like we are failing at every turn. I need something to go right, and I need it to happen soon. I’m getting to my wits end.