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Breaking All the Rules: Politics, Religion and Common Core – All on the Table

So, people always say that there are two topics that you should stay away from in professional environments, as well as public spaces that you might not want certain people to see that could be looking at you (and your online information) for a job, referral, or even just a personal connection, but I’m throwing all the rules out the window and doing it anyway. What’s more, I’m doing them both in one post. To top that off, I’m going to talk about our “education” system. (Yes, the education deserves to be in quotes). Let’s begin.

Politics…. Oh my god, politics. I could rant for paragraphs and paragraphs, but it’s not worth it. Full disclosure though, to begin with – I don’t have any party affiliation because none of the parties involved are “correct” about everything and I refuse to pledge my loyalty to any of them. This prevents me from voting in the primaries, but that’s a penalty I’m willing to take. My sway of “left or right” changes from candidate to candidate, from year to year, and from topic to topic. I take my time to learn what I can from as many (theoretically) unbiased sources and I learn the facts from researching each candidate for each election from videos, speeches, and public statements about the topics at hand for the current election. This year, I have not, because the “candidates” we have are a joke and they are both morons. Period. I don’t push people to vote because “every vote counts”. Pushing that type of mentality is why we are in the situation we are in. I think the best explanation of what I mean here, was posted by Mike Rowe after one of the debates. This man is extremely intelligent (In My Opinion) and looks at the world and its issues, choices, and decisions from the outside in order to see the whole picture. His response to a fan that asked him to encourage everyone to vote may very well have been the best worded response imaginable. He nailed it. He also nailed why we are the state we are in. The morons that we have are there because we (the people of this country) put them there. It’s really that simple. I don’t consider myself to be a “politics buff”, but sadly I am probably considered high on the totem pole when it comes to knowing the candidates and their thoughts on topics, and that in of itself is the main issue. People blindly follow the masses, media, or parents/union because they feel they have to. The thing is YOU DON’T. YOU are capable of learning and making your own decisions. Every citizen of this country has free will to learn and make their own decisions. For example, while we are raising our kids, I WILL NOT tell them which way they need to vote or why. I WILL give them the information that they ask for or want to research so that they can make their own INFORMED decision. It’s not up to me to “teach” them why they should vote for one or the other. That is what they have their own brain for. I have no issues explaining to them what I believe what I do or why I believe it, but I’m not going to tell them that they need to “follow in my footsteps” or think as I think. The people in this country are lacking information. Information is key to making decisions, yet we have people checking boxes that have absolutely no idea why they are voting the person they are voting for. I would like to leave this topic with a video that is on my point. Who can fix this? Media? Nope. A single president? Nope. Only one thing….

Next up, we have religion. This one is a VERY tricky one for me being in the sciences and engineering side of things in my career. My brain is “wired” to work on facts. To work on the proven, the logical, and the tangible. I often debate with my inner self over why I believe what I do, or if I’m making the right decisions in my walk with religion. Are my thoughts ones of wisdom, or created from being mislead? At the end of the day, I believe there is a force out there greater than us. I believe that someone, or something, crafted, molded, and sculpted us into who and what we are today. I believe that many religions are teaching us to believe in that single entity. In my religion, it’s God. Now, here we are again in a situation where we have to believe something and do research about it and understand it so that we can intelligently make a decision of what to believe. Again, it’s hard for me to make this decision. This whole belief thing…… The definition of faith includes that ability to believe in something that isn’t proven or that hasn’t yet happened. This goes against every piece of official career training and education. This goes against the internal mechanism that makes my brain work. Yet, I find myself leaning closer and closer to him every day now. Why? That’s a good question. As I have mentioned SEVERAL times on here (and to many of you in person), life has been someone what of a bitter sweet thing over the last couple years. Having to fight with OCD, ADHD, Alexithymia, Agoraphobia, anxiety and possibly more un-diagnosed disorders has led me to try a lot of things out. Some have seemed to help and some have seemed to be leading me in the right direction, but in the end, I find myself going back to religion for the stabilizer. Religion is the one that has never let me down. Religion is the one that can seem to make the most dreadful of days hopeful again. The issue is that I often shut it out and forget to use it. These disorders and diseases are no joke and they are detrimental in determining my day to day living and attitude. They are not easily controllable and control my life. They are crippling, debilitating and damn near impossible to fight by yourself. I’d like to take a moment to show you what these look like. There is a post from a guy named Shawn Coss who illustrated these disorders better than I think I have ever seen or heard anyone do with words and/or imagery. It’s is utterly amazing how spot on these are. After seeing them, it’s easy to see how difficult of a hurdle they can be. Therein lies the amazing thing. God has given us the power that is in him and allowed us to use it to be able to fight our battles and we need to harness that power and use it to make our lives (and the world) better for everyone. I need to remember to harness that as often and as frequently as I need it. As many of you recall, I lost my Aunt Georgia on Christmas two years ago. She was a woman with a beautiful heart. She walked alone with God her entire life and dedicated it to him. She was, and even continues to be, my tether to God. The rope isn’t as easy to find now as it was when she was alive, but it’s still there. I have been using it more and more recently, and I have been feeling better day to day because of it. Thanks Aunt Georiga 🙂

To close up this topic, I’d like to say that whether you think I’m wrong or an idiot for being a Christian (or any religion for that matter), everyone can take away SOMETHING from the idea of religion. One thing that most ACTUAL religions attempt to do is teach morals, ethics, the ability to come together in times of need and the ability to fight for ourselves. What human among us doesn’t need that? I don’t know anyone…..

Last, but not least, lets take a couple of sentences and share a video that explains what is wrong with our current education system and why we feel that there is a lost generation for every generation “behind” us. The common core system is intended to make sure that every student has a strong foundation of education on which to build their lives, and continue into college on. The system does not work and this has been proven time and time again, yet we continue to use and relay on it. The system hasn’t changed with the times, and it needs to. The system is broken (like many in our country), and we need to start making changes to fix it. There are two videos that I’m going to go with here. One of which is from John Oliver, but that doesn’t make the facts that he puts on the screen any less untrue. Simply because he is on a comedy channel, doesn’t mean that he can’t make FANTASTIC opinions and show facts about them. The other is from the same gentleman that I used up above for the voting. He “sues” the school system and does a fairly decent job at it. They deserve to be sued.

Well, I think that about does it. This post will probably get a lot of flack sent my direction, but ya know what? I don’t care. Remember, these are just my opinions and the ramblings of an engineer. 😉