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Circles about Circles that have Circles

Man, I keep saying that I’m going to write more on my blog and I never follow through. Talk about that procrastination and defeatism playing a role. What’s odd is that I enjoy doing it. It’s cathartic for me to write my whoas, frustrations, and successes out. It helps me to see them all and Read More

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This year hates me! #2015Sucks

So, as you might remember from my last post, I started this year off to a bang. I mean, technically, December 25th isn’t this year, but close enough to couple it in with it so I’m going to go ahead and do that. Losing my Aunt on Christmas morning has taken a HUGE toll on that Read More

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Hivelocity hosting to the rescue

So, after many discussions and issues with HostDime we finally were able to cancel all three accounts that we had there (my personal colocated machine (which they are charging me $75 just to remove it from their rack), the VDS for GSN Gaming and a couple of other personal sites, and the first server we Read More

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Welcome to ParoniLaw

My name is Paronity (Mike, actually) and I am an engineer by trade, engineer by hobby, and engineer by birth. I have always had a fascination for all things technical from programming and networking to mobile-electronics and all things web. The ParoniLaw things was thrown at me by a member of a community that I Read More