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This year hates me! #2015Sucks

So, as you might remember from my last post, I started this year off to a bang. I mean, technically, December 25th isn’t this year, but close enough to couple it in with it so I’m going to go ahead and do that. Losing my Aunt on Christmas morning has taken a HUGE toll on that side of my family. She was truly the glue that held that side of the family together. That includes my own father and my brother. I don’t hardly ever talk to them any more because they just doesn’t do much of anything or with anyone. We all just kinda co-exist without really being a family all because we are short one person. We could always count on her to come up with something to do to make sure we got together as a family several times per year, including birthdays, anniversaries, and more. We haven’t had a single one this year. It’s been a rough ride so far, but life goes on and she is where she has longed to be, so it is bitter sweet. Still missed, and never forgotten.

As I touched on in my last post as well, I was let go/walked away from IBM at the very beginning of January and things have been a roller coaster since, although not entirely job related. I am still currently unemployed (officially), but I am making money doing free-lance work, so it’s good for now but it’s a little more stressful on that front since it doesn’t include insurance and all that stuff that comes with salaried employment. I still feel like that was the correct decision and if I could go back, I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did. Man was that place draining the life out of me. My kids and wife both notice a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my moral and typical day to day attitude so that one was also bitter sweet, because I’m doing better personally, but funds are tight and things are crumbling down around me.

Fast forward to February 5th. MY 2012 Chevy Cruze was hit while parked next to my house by a pizza delivery driver that didn’t have insurance, couldn’t prove she owned the car, did know what a registration was, and the tags one it were for a different car. She somehow managed to do just over 7,000 (yes, that’s seven THOUSAND) dollars in damage to my car and I don’t have full uninsured motorist on my coverage so for me to get it fixed through them, it’s going to cost me my deductible which is like 1k, not to mention it will make my insurance premium go up. My theory here was to go after the pizza shop (it’s a mom and pop shop), since they should have checked that their driver had insurance before they were allowed to drive for them. They hit me on the clock, while making a delivery, so I think that holds them responsible. I can get lawyers to agree with me, but none that will actually take the case (probably because it’s not worth enough money). Needless to say, it’s been rough having a family of 6 with a single vehicle. We are struggling to make it work, but it’s difficult.

To add to that, I’m having some stomach issues that won’t allow me to leave the house for too much in a single sitting. As soon as I get too far away from home, I get extremely nauseated and have sorts of panic about it. I am seeking assistance in trying to get it under control, but it’s difficult to be so helpless sometimes. How can I be a father and a husband if I can barely get out of my house? I have faith that I will make it out of this, it’s just hard to bear with right now.

Let’s put some more on top, and say that the kids therapist (which has been helping them for over 5 years) finally decided that she wants to blame all of my adopted kids behavior issues on me and my wife….. She literally told us that she was going to call CPS because they are not fit to be in our household. My wife (being an ex-caseworker), went ahead and called CPS before she did and they laughed. This was a relief to know that we were right, but we still have to deal with it and make sure our house is in tip top shape. They tend to target foster parents and adopted parents so we don’t want to give them any ammo. We are currently looking for new help for them to get them the help they need.

Next, let’s skip to last week where I was in a fender bender that was completely my fault. It wasn’t a huge deal as no one was hurt and I actually knew the people I hit, but it’s just another straw of hay on the back…..

To top it all off, everything around me has it out for me. Just in the last month I have had to replace/repair the stove, dryer, garbage disposal, computer mouse and keyboard, as well as a tire on my actively working vehicle.

On a positive note, I have a couple of job opportunities that are in the same area that I Was in before that are paying SIGNIFICANTLY more than I was before. To top that off they are understanding that I will be a remote employee for the first couple months while I try to figure out this whole traveling thing and even after that, they only want me to travel about 4 hours away (by train) ones every 3 months. They are going to give me insurance, 3 weeks paid vacation and a huge raise over what I was doing before. I have been hoping and praying non-stop for this job to come through, because this could be the thing we need to start getting our lives on track and to stop feeling like we are failing at every turn. I need something to go right, and I need it to happen soon. I’m getting to my wits end.

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Unemployed and…… Happy!?

So, the last couple months of work have not been easy to deal with. I have had to overcome a lot of unjustified negative criticism. It has been a difficult ride and has not been one that I would look forward to ever going through again. I was getting positive feedback from everyone except my new direct manager, and her opinion is the only one that matters. They had HR eating our of their hand as well, so there was no one that I could turn to for assistance. I had considered filing a claim with the labor advisory board, but I figured it’s just not worth the effort. I hope me leaving provides a wake up call and the rest of my team members don’t have to deal with what I had to.

The decision to walk away from IBM was a difficult one to make as I needed to make sure I can provide for my family and ensure that we have everything we need. After many discussions with my wife and crunching numbers, we decided that it was possible for me to do so and that we would let the fate of it rely on my new reports willingness to assist me in getting “better” in her eyes. I sent a very thought out and detailed email about what I was confused on, how I needed assistance in understanding what her thoughts on my shortcomings were, as well as how I need some guidance on how to fix the things she thinks are wrong. This e-mail went completely un-acknowledged for over two weeks. This was an indication to me that this process was a one way street and that no matter what I did, I would be left without a job pretty soon and that I should walk away with anything I could. It’s a shame, because I truly loved what I was doing at IBM.

So, fast forward to today. I thought I was going to be stressed about not having an income, and not being able to rely on my job, but contrary to that, I feel AMAZING. From the moment that I decided to walk away, I felt an immediate and overwhelming relief on my entire body. I am genuinely happier, less stressed, and more importantly, able to be the man I want to be for my family instead of worrying about every little thing I do being under unjustified scrutiny. This has probably been the best decision that I have made to date, and I truly was dreading this day. Man, was I wrong. The stress from my situation was literally killing me, and my health has improved tremendously in just the week and half I have been without a job.

Furthermore, I have several side jobs lined up in the work that will actually pay me more than I was making before. I get to control when I work, and where, as well as be with my family any time I want without the worry of having to work on a critical issue.

Finally, on a serious note, I would like to take this opportunity to send a blessing, prayer, and dedication to my Aunt Georgia. This woman was a tremendous part of my life and is largely responsible for me being the man I am today. She was always a second mother to me and I could rely on her for anything. She pushed me more than any other family member to get me on the right path of education, religion, and morality in general. I lost her to the open arms of Jesus on Christmas morning. It was an odd time to have, but since she was a devout christian, I know that she would not have had it happen any other way, and I know she is where she belongs and has long yearned to be.

I dedicate my work, time, and this post to your memory Georgia. You will be missed! <3

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More ARMA, Work, and even Paronicon

Whoa! Has it really been months again? I keep forgetting this blog is even here. Ha! I have been maintaining my busy-ness as always and am still working on a ton of things that I hope to be pushing through soon. Many of these are the same that I have posted about before, so they will just be updates from the last time. 

So, first off Christmas approaches. This is always a crazy time of year with the four kids. They create both amazing and stressful moments that take a lot of effort and work to get right. We have been going everywhere and buying entire department stores worth of stuff (or so it feels like at times). 🙂 We are looking forward to it and we are starting to wind down and come to an end. Most of the craziness is past and now we can start to get ready to enjoy it.

Altis Life is still staying a strong server in the GSNGaming listing of servers. Its population has died down a bit since launch, but we still hold a decent amount of users that keep coming back due to the open administration and maturity that GSN has come to expect on its servers. We have a lot of great people playing on it now and providing some great role-play. We have several members of the community also providing some great feature requests as well as helping to squash out all the bugs that get so easily created when working with the ARMA engine. The scripting and designing of ARMA is some of the “strangest” that I have had to work with in my personal and professional career. It’s starting to sink in and I can definitely do it much quicker now than I could before, but it still has some nuances that are hard to overcome. 

GSN has been running a KOTH server that is also quite popular among our community members. This one is hosted by Vilayer, and I can easily tell you that this will be the last server we get from them. Their services are flakey at best, and their support is second to everyone. It takes 24+ hours, pokes, and tweets, to get them to even reply to the ticket… Never again. 

ARMACon is making ever so slow progress. It is happening, just not nearly at the rate that I had hoped it would, but a part of this blame lies on my work at IBM taking up a ton of my time. It is slowly coming along and I have a couple people that I have pushed a version to and they reported some bugs, which I have not gone back to fix yet. Hopefully the New Year will bring some new development on it. Heres hoping!

I have been putting a ton of time into my IBM work as of late. More so than I ever have before. What has it gotten me? Nothing. In fact, they seem to think I’ve been doing less which was a real blow to the stomach. I mean, I have put the cases and their customers ahead of my own health and appointments at times, and the thanks is to blindly think I do nothing. I mean, come on. We will see how the next month goes, but I have never been more dissatisfied in a position before.  It’s a real shame honestly, I actually really like what I do. Well, I did….

Lastly, Paronicon seems to have gotten a bump in usage and interest based on posts to our forums and the traffic to the site. Not sure where it came from or why, but it has poked me to maybe push one more release of it out before I give it up for good. Dedicated and managed servers are a thing of the past now, and no new game is ever going to give them to us, so it’s of no use to anyone any more. ARMACon will be the new focus of that time. 

Until next time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Altis Life Mod and ArmaCon Progress

So, the last time I wrote, I talked about how ARMA III was taking up a good bit of my time and over at GSNGaming we have shifted our efforts over to it fully. We have dropped support for the battlefield series for the time being since the game is just so broken. This sucks, because we have so many members that are AWESOME to play it with, but we were paying a lot of money to have servers that just constantly sit empty, so this was the clear decision.

We searched around for some of the best Altis Life servers around and started seeing what people wanted and liked. We have experience being admins of many servers, and a lot of people are just looking for good admins that don’t abuse their power. We have that taken care of because those are the beliefs that GSN is built on.

Almost exactly a month ago, we launched our initial version of Altis Life. We took the core mod and made some tweaks and enhancements to it to fit our needs and to give it a little bit of custom flair. Things have been going very well with it and we have been pushing out as many bug fixes and features as possible. We also built auto-admin tools around it to make sure our admins can all manage the server and the players effectively and efficiently. We have a custom support system built around it as well. We also automated the entire donation process. There is no manual intervention to donate and then get your donator perks. It all happens automatically and instantaneously. In just a months time, we have taken the rank of our server from ~700 (where you start out nowadays), to 44th in the world, which it currently sits at the time of this post. You can check out the details of our server and you can check out the changelog. We have acquired a pretty good following so far and are looking forward to adding more features in the future. We might even look into opening another server or two. Who knows.

Next up we have ArmaCon. The last post said a week or two until the BETA, but that clearly hasn’t happened. I am being too damn picky about the tool and am afraid to launch it with too many bugs. The good news is that it is coming along nicely and the feature set keeps growing. I welcome any feedback that you have for it in any way possible. Feel free to reach out and let me know. It will be out for people to use soon enough. I can assure you, the wait will be well worth it. Until next time, frag on!

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Arma, Arma, and a little bit of Arma

Just in case that wasn’t obvious, it’s Arma III (note how there are three of them in the title – I’m so clever….). Anywho, I have been getting back into the swing of Arma III and it has been taking a lot of my spare time recently.  All of us over at GSNGaming have been spending a lot of time playing Wasteland and Altis life.

Wasteland has a very simple objective. Kill people and survive. It’s a modified version of TDM, honestly. The only difference is that there are 3 factions. BluFor and OpFor are both team based, while independent is a FFA slot. You can kill any player you want when you are Independent. While on BluFor and OpFor your goal is to work together as a team to take out the other team and the independents along the way. We have our very own Wasteland server that we usually play on that has been modified a bit to our liking. It has more weapons available and it tuned to give you some good fire fights.

Altis is a “life mod” in the sense that its a role playing game that takes on the aspects of daily living. You need to earn money to buy stuff, which you can then use to make more money, become a rebel and kill cops, or just do some drug trafficking. There are some servers out there that are doing really well with this mod, but many of them are suffering from childish admins, bad cops, or just poor management. After trying many of them out there, we have decided to try to run one ourselves. With our mature admins and our custom in-house admin tools, I think we can really make some amazing life servers. We are working on the admin tools, and the automation of the donators, whitelisting, and banning right now. We are going to be starting with a vanilla mod and then build out from there. We want to take every precaution we can to ensure that we keep it as efficient and fast as possible.

Next up, we have ArmaCon. Since all Call of Duty games now suck, and aren’t providing hostable dedicated server support and thus defeating the purpose of working on Paronicon, I am finally shifting my efforts over. ArmaCon is coming along nicely and is about a week or so out from having a BETA-able version for people to work with. You can keep track of the status updates on the gsn forums, or on twitter. We are looking for BETA testers to help make it the best tool we can, so please let me know if you want to see anything or have any feedback. It is all welcome.

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Left, Right, or Straight?

Holy crap. It has been a long couple of months and everything has been going haywire in every faucet of my life that it could. Not that it has been bad, most of it is exciting and am looking forward to seeing where it goes, it has just taken a lot of time and I look forward to being able to breathe again soon. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going and which way I am heading.

Let’s get started in the world of gaming. Last I wrote, I was talking about the new game that I had backed called Frontiers and I am still looking forward to that, but there hasn’t been a lot of movement on getting my hands on that one. In the process, I have been buying and backing a few other games that I found quite interesting.

1.) Godus: This game is attempting to set itself up as the new and improved god game that will redefine the genre. While they have announced that they are going to be doing HUGE things to make this the case, right now it’s just not quite there. I have spent a good bit of time in the game sculpting land to perfection and making it look the way I want, but other than that, there is very little game play actually available. The game tends to be on auto-pilot for most of it and it is guiding you down a very narrow path of how to play the game and how to achieve it’s goals. While 22cans says that what they have is a mere 41% completion, some of the things that are “completed” right now are not quite what you would expect. I have good hopes for it, but right now it’s kinda bleak and I have concerns whether they will be able to deliver what they set out to.

2.) Castle Story: This game is a defense game in whichN your goal is to simply protect a cluster of crystals in the middle of the land. I enjoyed what little there is to this game immensely though. You have a set of people (Bricktons) to send to do your chores. You have them collect stone, wood, and even in rare cases, some crystals for your stack. Once you have the materials you can start building your castle. At this point it is completely up to you how creative and imaginative you become. The game is still in early alpha and thus there are issues with AI misbehaving, saves being corrupted, impossible barriers to over come (a brickton may get stuck on a task that has already been completed), and more. Despite the early access and the bug, I have still had a ton of fun playing the game, and expect that the finished product will be well worth the investment made at this point.

Next up is WarZone Secure. This is the project that I have been working on for several months that will allow gamers to compete for real cash prizes without all the overhead that most competition sites require you to have in order to compete. We build the system out to be as user friendly as possible and prevent the need to jump through a ton of hurdles to get in and start playing. We officially started opening sections of the site and forums to start getting some traction to get people signed up and start spreading the word. There are several pieces that are still being worked on and full BETA testing should start very soon. We expect to have people playing through matches in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, my gaming community over at GSN Gaming has been making the move towards trying to get known in the streaming world on It has been a lot of fun and we have had a blast doing it. We look forward to doing it continually in the future as well. I have been assigned to streaming on Saturday nights. Be sure to check out our stream schedule and of course, watch us when we stream.



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Looking forward to a new indie game: FRONTIERS

Being an avid gamer, I tend to try all faucets of gaming because I feel that each one bring a unique game-play, style, and creativity to the table. While I appreciate the big studios for the great games that they make (BF, CoD, ect…), I have always had a soft spot for indie development. This stems from multiple reasons:

  1. Being a software engineer that works on tools and application in my spare time, I appreciate the amount of work, dedication, and self control goes into being able to develop something from the ground up. It’s much more difficult to follow your own guidelines and timelines, than it is to follow those of someone that is hiring you to do something.
  2. These people tend to love feedback. They will listen heavily to the community that is playing their game, because with out them, they have nothing. This leads to a fantastic development process for both the supporters and the designers as they will be developing a game KNOWING that people are going to love it.
  3. They are extremely responsive and exited about their project. We would be naive if we said that weren’t trying to make money from their project, but that is not why they started doing it. They started doing it because of a passion they have to build games and build them in a way they see fit. You can see the excitement in their updates, notes, and communications about the game.
  4. Indie developers tend to go down paths that large studios refuse to go down. They are willing to try new gaming mechanics, designs, or strategies. This leads to truly unique experiences when playing these games,

Since I enjoy indie games so much, I tend to view Kickstarter a lot. They have a lot of great ideas on there, from games to technology, and from applications to hardware. I have backed a handful of games on there, but I don’t think I have been as intrigued and excited about any of them as I am for FRONTIERS. In one paragraph, the creator (Lars Simkins) described it as such:

I can still remember the first time I played Daggerfall. Yes, it was uglier than a monkey’s armpit and controlled worse than a bumper car on a frozen lake.
But it also created the feeling of a world that lived on even after I’d stopped playing, and that feeling still sticks with me all these years later. A world where you could spend hours searching every pixelated nook and cranny. A world of potential. A world of EXPLORATION…
…and then a Dragonling would chomp my face because I hadn’t spent ten hours grinding in the easy regions. Arg! So frustrating!
Other games have touched on that elusive feeling, especially Elder Scrolls and early Fallout games, but as fun as they are and as much as I love hardcore RPG mechanics, I’ve always dreamt of a game that emphasized exploration above all else.
FRONTIERS is that game…..

This game has a lot of great qualities and features built into it and it looks like it’s going to provide hours and hours of fun filled game-play. I honestly can’t wait for this to get underway and start to get my hands on it. I would LOVE to see his goals get to 125K so that we can get some coop game play. That promises to add an infinite amount of time that can be had having a blast in it. I encourage you to check it all and back it if at all possible. I can’t imagine that it won’t be worth it.

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Hivelocity hosting to the rescue

So, after many discussions and issues with HostDime we finally were able to cancel all three accounts that we had there (my personal colocated machine (which they are charging me $75 just to remove it from their rack), the VDS for GSN Gaming and a couple of other personal sites, and the first server we purchased for out testing of WarZoneSecure). For the startup, we need a company that is willing to be supporting, and assist us in the support area with professionalism, efficiency, and knowledge. We hope that this project grows to become a huge place for gaming and we look forward to working with whatever host we have to ensure we can support the load that will be generated. Hostdime definitely didn’t fit that bill.

After a lot of research and browsing, we decided to give Hivelocity a whirl. So far (it has only been a week), they have been great. Their control panel is superior and much cleaner/responsive than previous panels we had used. They are much more full featured and are easy to navigate.

Their setup was quick and painless, and we have not run into any mistakes as of yet. We had to contact support a couple of times for trivial questions and upgrades and their response was within a couple minutes every time. They are very quick and straight to the point. They have a lot of guidance built around their support areas and look like it’s going to be great to work with them as we push forward.

We got everything switched over and moved DNS to the new server and everything is running perfectly. Ironically, after we moved everything from the old server, it still kept going down even though we were sending absolutely NO traffic to it. Can we say oversold servers?

Here’s to hoping they stay as good as they seem.

Update: They are clever as well. They sent this e-mail:

EMail from Hivelocity

which had this image on it:

Server says hai!

I lawl’ed

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Quick C# XML Former

While I was working at FedEx, we had a lot of systems that would need to communicate with each other. These systems often communicated using an advanced messaging queue that was simply called the broker. The broker logged everything it did in great detail, the only issue was that it logged everything in a single line of XML that ended up being extremely long (which means it had no line breaks and made it hard to find the info you were looking for).

I wrote this quick tool that will take any XML and show it in a tree-view. This is a great plugin that many text editors have now that makes this easier, but just in case you want something to mess around with: here ya go.

The code behind is quite simple. The bread and butter fall into two methods mainly:

FillTree is the first method which is the parent method responsible for the flow of adding elements to the tree.

        private void FillTree(TreeView currenttree, TabPage tabName)
                XmlDocument dom = new XmlDocument();
                dom.Load(Application.StartupPath + "\\xmldump.xml");
                if (dom.DocumentElement.Name.Contains(':'))
                    currenttree.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode(dom.DocumentElement.Name.Split(':')[1]));
                    currenttree.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode(dom.DocumentElement.Name));
                TreeNode tNode = new TreeNode();
                tNode = currenttree.Nodes[0];
                currenttree.Nodes[0].ContextMenuStrip = treeviewmenu;
                AddNode(dom.DocumentElement, tNode);
                if (chkClearInput.Checked == true)
                treecount += 1;
                if (booExpandTree == true)
                booSuccess = true;
            catch (XmlException xmlex)
                booSuccess = false;
                MessageBox.Show("XML Malformed. Reason for Error: - " + xmlex.Message, "Error");
            catch (Exception ex)
                booSuccess = false;
                MessageBox.Show("Non XML Error Occured: " + ex.Message, "Error");

AddNode is the second. It is simply responsible for taking the XML node and filling the tree branch with it.

        private void AddNode(XmlNode inXmlNode, TreeNode inTreeNode)
            string strCheck;
            XmlNode xNode;
            TreeNode tNode;
            XmlNodeList nodeList;
            int intLength;
            int intStart;
            int intEnd;
            int i = 0;
            if (inXmlNode.HasChildNodes)
                nodeList = inXmlNode.ChildNodes;
                for (i = 0; i &lt;= nodeList.Count - 1; i++) { string tester; xNode = inXmlNode.ChildNodes[i]; tester = xNode.Name.ToLower(); if (xNode.Name.Contains(':')) { inTreeNode.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode(xNode.Name.Split(':')[1])); } else { inTreeNode.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode(xNode.Name)); } tNode = inTreeNode.Nodes[(int)i]; tNode.ContextMenuStrip = treeviewmenu; AddNode(xNode, tNode); } } else { if ((inXmlNode.OuterXml).Trim().Contains("&gt;

I added it to a WinForm and added some exporting functionality. You can see it below, I took my RSS feed from here, and put it into the tree view:

Simple XML Former UI

You can download XML Former for you to try for yourself. Let me know if you have any questions.

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SurpassHosting (HostDime) Support Quality is Deminishing

Oh, Surpass, why must things be this way?

I have had a co-located server from SurpassHosting for several years. In my time there, I would have gladly recommended any one to use them (or their parent company, HostDime for that matter), but as time goes on, and as they continue to grow (I’m assuming here), their support is getting much less helpful, quick, and efficient.

There have been several support cases that I have had with them where they have shown a very lackadaisical approach to support. I think it’s pretty clear that their left hand isn’t talking to their right, and they are having their level one tech spend more time troubleshooting issues that are out of their realm. These cases went on for a very long time with very little progress being made. It wasn’t until we tweeted about them, that we started going any sort of help assistance. Even then, they started doing “troubleshooting” that they had already previously done. I finally tweeted that I was done with @HostDime and this is when they asked to help. I sent them a message that contained this:

The issue is not one ticket in general. It’s the overall view of the support and your support staff. They don’t seem to care, nor do they seem to be operating as they should.

They are unable to explain why anything happens, why anything is wrong, or why anything magically occurs. Granted hardware is a slippery slope and CAN be very difficult to work with. Especially when you deal with virtualization and servers that other people manage. I get that. I am a senior support engineer for IBM and work with all OSes on very complex applications. I know what it’s like to work on these types of issues so I sympathize, but when the issues you are dealing with are very complex, you need to make up for that lack of “knowing whats wrong” with the customer by making them feel like you are organized, structured, and are on top of the issue. This is where you have fallen short. If I were to support my customers anywhere near the way you guys have, I would be without a job.

The real trouble comes from the lack of mannerisms and management of the cases. Let’s take a look at a few examples for you to find my frustration.

1.) My current issue: 682905 – This issue could have been simple. The server halted for whatever reason. I opened a ticket for the issue as when I tried to trigger the restart from the core panel, I received an error. It took an hour and 15 minutes for your level one tech to tell me that the server had been “restarted” by him and that I could have done that myself in my panel. An hour and 15 minutes….. At any rate, after I replied to this, the case was escalated to level 2 and they found that my BIOS settings had magically changed, because ya know, those values stored on CMOS always magically change. Now, I have asked for what I need to get a minor refund on this issue since your SLA was not met. Since that request is has moved from Accounting to Client Relations, no less than 3 times. People must not think that gets paid attention to. Here we are, past noon Eastern Time and they still haven’t replied but it has been “actively viewed” several times throughout the day….

2.) [Name Redacted]’s issue 645984 – Now, while I am sure that you can’t talk to this one since I am not on his account, I can assure that I was involved in every piece of it and most of those replies were from me. There were SEVERAL instances where your support staff couldn’t even tell us what had changed from the last technicians post. This in itself is asinine. If they make changes, they need to be documented! Additionally, they spent 2+ weeks chasing a rabbit down the rabbit hole and they weren’t even close. Which I pointed out to them several times. It wasn’t until we tweeted we started getting someone that was competent to look into the issue. At that point we had to go down the route of several things we had ALREADY TRIED. I am not sure whether this is because we were lied to before, whether it wasn’t done correctly before, or what, but this type of stuff should not happen.

These are the kinds of things that have been rampant in the more recent cases that we have both had on our accounts. It is becoming more of a burden then we can afford to have at this point in time. The 3rd account is a startup company which promises to grow very large, very quickly. We CAN’T afford to have improperly supported servers when that time comes. We have been exploring our options and you are likely going to lose 3 accounts over this. My goal is to not hurt you, or make you afraid, as I am sure that we are merely a drop in a bucket for how many clients you have, but you should know I do have some resentment over this though, as I used to love hostdime and would recommend you to anyone in a moments notice. I now feel like I would be doing that person an injustice if I recommended your services.

We never received a reply from anyone, or any kind of sign to show us that they would do their best to prevent these issues from occurring again. At this point in time, I am looking at my options to move to another host as soon as I find the right price/support/reliability ratio.

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