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These are my projects that are currently active, or underway. This is where I will keep my most recent ones up to date.

Paronicon →

Paronicon is Call of Duty RCON tool that was built to fill a gap that existed in the current RCON tools that are available. It was the first to have many features that many tools now have (cross server support, management mode, API, custom plugins). Many of these features are still actively being enhanced and supported. It currently can run Black Ops I, MW, WaW, and MW2 (4D1 servers). Check it out and let me know what you think!

Armacon →

With the advent of some really popular DayZ as well as many other ARMA II mods that made that game have a second life, we at GSN, started hosting several servers for it as well. While there are many good tools to be used to manage a DayZ server in particular, none of them are gears towards ARMA by itself. This tool is currently unreleased and is being built at this time. As the server code gets released and stable, we will push it out to help people manage their servers. Let me know if you have any ideas for it!

Data Savvy Ninjas →

My new attempt to work for myself again. This time I am going to work with a couple other people and we are going to focus on the needs of the small to medium business that needs custom solutions in the software and computing realm. Good examples of companies that would fit this bill are startups of any kind, any company that needs software to “manage” some sort of data (IE: customers, inventory, ect…), and niche company that wouldn’t have software solutions readily available to it. We are currently working on a few projects to have something in the portfolio and then we will start pushing it live. Check out the site (once it is live) for more details.